How to play the lottery

Loto, the legendary game of chance from Française des Jeux, attracts millions of French people every year, seduced by the prospect of wonderful winnings.

Many of you are wondering how to play this gambling game that has stood the test of time. This guide, the result of careful research, will reveal the secrets of Loto to you and will accompany you step by step in discovering this game.

The fundamental precepts of Loto #

Loto is a game of chance which is based on simple mechanics. During each draw, a total of 49 numbers are put into play. The player must choose five numbers from these and one lucky number from the ten available. The winning numbers are drawn in two stages: first the five numbers, then the lucky number. If the numbers chosen match those drawn, the player wins the prize corresponding to the number of correct numbers. The minimum bet is €2.20 for a single grid.

The complexity of the Loto lies in the evaluation of the probabilities. In fact, the chance of winning the jackpot is one in nearly 19 million. The chances of winning any prize are, however, much higher, around one in six. It is therefore a question of showing perseverance and optimism.

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Choosing numbers is one of the most delicate stages for the player. Some prefer to choose numbers at random, others opt for number sequences or numbers that bring them luck. Here are some selection criteria to consider:

  • Lucky numbers: dates of birth, house numbers, etc.
  • Frequently drawn numbers: some numbers are drawn more often than others.
  • Rare numbers: conversely, certain numbers are rarely drawn.

The different game formats #

La Française des Jeux offers several options for playing Loto. The simplest is to play a simple grid for a draw. To increase his chances of winning, the player can also choose to play several grids for the same draw. He can also opt for the “Multiple Lotto” system., which allows you to play more numbers than in a simple grid. This option costs more, but significantly increases the chances of winning.

Another formula, the “Simple Lotto”, allows you to play one to five grids for one or more consecutive draws. This formula is ideal for regular players who wish to participate in several draws without having to travel each time. Finally, there are subscription plans which allow you to automatically play each draw for a specific period of time.

It is also possible to play in a group, thanks to the “Team Lotto” formula. This option allows you to share the cost of the grids and increase the chances of winning. The winnings are then distributed among team members based on their participation.

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Tips to increase your chances of winning #

If the Loto remains above all a game of chance, there are nevertheless some tips to maximize your chances of winning. Firstly, it is advisable to play regularly, without spending astronomical sums of money. Indeed, the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. Secondly, it can be interesting to play in groups, in order to reduce the cost of the grids and increase the chances of winning. Finally, choosing random numbers rather than significant numbers can increase your chances of not having to share your winnings in the event of a win.

Game formulaCostBenefits
Simple lottoFrom €2.20Simple and quick
Multiple lottoVaries depending on the number of numbers playedIncreases the chances of winning
Team lottoDepends on the number of playersSharing costs and increasing the chances of winning


  • What is the probability of winning the Loto?It is one in 19 million for the jackpot and one in six for any gain.
  • What is the minimum amount to play the Loto?The minimum bet is €2.20 for a single grid.
  • Is it possible to play Loto online?Yes, it is possible to play Loto on the Française des Jeux website or application.
  • How are the winning numbers chosen?They are drawn at random during each draw.
  • Can you increase your chances of winning the Loto?It is possible to increase your chances by playing regularly, by playing as a team or by opting for the Multiple Loto. est édité de façon indépendante. Soutenez la rédaction en nous ajoutant dans vos favoris sur Google Actualités :

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